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Leadership Week 4

  • August 3, 2019
  • /   Jose Contreras
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The Importance of Setting Clear Expectations for Your Team
Without clear expectations in place, you’re setting yourself up for inevitable issues down the road. According to a worldwide survey by Gallup, as many as 50% of workers say they don’t really know what’s expected of them in their job. On the other hand, employees with clear goals delineated from their managers are more engaged in the workplace. Engaged employees are happier. Happy employees make happy customers and happy customers buy more.

The Five Golden Rules
These simple, yet powerful rules, provide basic expectations and guidance to all of our team members. If you do not know where to start setting expectations for your team, try these 5 golden rules. And remember, you need to be a role model for your team and master these rules before you can start expecting them from your team.

1) Honesty

100% Honesty is expected from all employees. Dishonesty is grounds for immediate termination

2) Be at Work 

If you are scheduled to be at work, be at work and be on time. All employees must report to work on time! No early clock-ins unless authorized by management. It is imperative that you clock in and out. If you forget to clock in or out, have the manager on duty adjust your time utilizing fingerprints, as codes are not accepted. Do not work off the clock.

3) Don't Serve

Never serve or cook anything without ringing it into the computer first! (Even water)

4) We Don't Do Rude

We are not rude to supervisors, other employees, and especially guests. Foodservice is a highly guest-oriented industry, therefore, disrespect towards guests will not be tolerated.

5) Freshness

We have a responsibility to the public to serve fresh products. Everything we prep, cook, and serve, must be in date, stored and rotated properly. 

Excerpts of this week's featured value were taken from Ignitespot blog post and Shrimp Basket's 5 Golden Rules.