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  • August 16, 2019
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Why employee recognition is so important and how you can start recognizing your people.

To be really effective in your job, you need to understand the importance of praising others for their good work, to apply the principles of employee recognition yourself and to encourage others to initiate it in their working relationships.

Dr. Ashley Whillans from the Harvard Business School summarized this issue concisely in a 2019 article:

"What really matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated.”

Employee recognition is the timely, informal or formal acknowledgment of a person’s or team’s behavior, effort or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values, and which has clearly been beyond normal expectations.

Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued by others. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rise, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.

Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace. People want to be respected and valued by others for their contribution. Everyone feels the need to be recognized as an individual or member of a group and to feel a sense of achievement for work well done or even for a valiant effort. Everyone wants a ‘pat on the back’ to make them feel good.

How to give day-to-day employee recognition

Spontaneously praise people – this is highly effective. To many employees, receiving sincere thanks is more important than receiving something tangible. Employees enjoy recognition through personal, written, electronic and public praise from those they respect at work, given in a timely, specific and sincere way.

This day-to-day recognition is the most important because it gives individuals and teams at all levels the immediate opportunity to recognize good work by other employees and teams. It also enables them to be recognized on the spot for their own good work, setting an example to other employees of desired behavior that aligns with organizational objectives. 

Are you recognizing your team members for excellence performance?

Excerpts of this week's featured value were taken from an article by Kim Harrison posted on the Cutting Edge website