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Character Week 3

  • September 26, 2019
  • /   Jose Contreras
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Manager Table Touch

Why is consistent communication important?  

Communication with your team members is important because, among many other things, it is the only reliable way to set expectations and share results. Consistent communication from the management team is even more important because team members will listen to the same message from those that are charting the course of the company. Everyone in the restaurant with a management title (i.e. General Manager, Assistant Manager, Kitchen Manager) as well as everyone with management responsibilities (i.e. person in charge, lead server, etc.) needs to be clear about the message that needs to be sent to the rest of the team. Your staff should not be misguided by different and contradicting messages received by management, otherwise, your staff will experience confusion, which may translate in missed goals in customer service and in sales. Whether using email, text message applications, phone calls, or face to face communication, make sure the management team is clear about the message that is going to be transmitted later to the rest of the team. 

Over 95% of employees in your restaurant are hourly employees, they are the backbone of your organization, the stewards and voice of your brand. They sell the products of the company and nurture the relationships that inspire customer loyalty and satisfaction. Isn't it in your best interest to make sure they all know and understand what is expected from them and to make sure they receive the same consistent message from everyone in the management team? 

To achieve consistent communication consider the following:
- Check back with management team and make sure they understand the message that needs to be transmitted to the rest of the team. Ask follow up questions, especially those questions that may come from the team and make sure they know the answer to all of them.
- If management doesn't have the answer to a question, do not make up an answer and tell your staff you will get back with them after checking with the rest of the management team. 
- Solicit feedback from your staff and see if improvement is needed.


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